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User FAQ

How can I participate?

Simply RSVP to Furtherfield, details here.

Does it harm my dog?

The kit weighs 105 grams, and is attached to a modified dog harness. It has been tested with a small terrier to an old medium sized dog with no ill effects or discomfort. You are the best judge of whether your dog is uncomfortable with this. Generally speaking if your dog doesn’t have a problem with a harness, then she or he won’t have a problem with the kit!

What sort of dog do I need?

SIZE: In general the kit is better on larger dogs as they are more stable and have bigger movements.  The smallest breed it has been tested with is a terrier. As a rule of thumb, your dog will need to be taller than 30cm, measured from the ground to the top of the shoulders.

PERSONALITY: Obviously your dog needs to be responsive and obedient. The kit works better on dogs who are relatively calm, as it stays in place better. Despite this, I for one am looking forward to the variety of dog photographers!

What is the wet weather option?

If it is raining, do not use the kit, as it may be damaged by the water. You’ll need to try to book again, sorry!

I don’t have a dog, can I use other peoples?

This is not recommended, as their dog may not be responsive to you. Remember you are liable for any damage to the kit. The best thing to do in this situation is to go on a walk with a friend with a dog, and share the photographs of the occasion.

Can I use my own phone?

Not at this stage!

Where do we have to go when we first arrive?

You need to follow the instructions given by Furtherfield staff

How long does the preparation take?

Please allow about 5 minutes for the briefing.

How long do we get to walk for?

Each walk should be about 30 minutes.

How long does wrapping up / returning dog kit take?

Please allow about 5 minutes for the de-briefing.

Where are we allowed to walk? (Can you suggest places to walk?)

Ideally you should walk in your local area. The idea is that you will be both surprised and delighted by the new views that your dog provides you with. Feel free though to explore wherever you like, as long as the kit is returned at the appointed time, there is no problem!

Can I play ball games, throw sticks or take the dog for a swim when wearing the kit?

Unfortunately, no. Running around and changing direction quickly will not help the photography, and is liable to result in a lopsided harness! If you must throw a stick, please just do it once on the walk, at the end,  you may need to adjust the harness afterwards. The kit IS NOT waterproof!!

What happens if it turns off halfway through? (Should I try to fix it?)

It is probably still working, continue your walk, and we’ll check on return. Email sarah [at] sarahwaterson [dot] net if there is an issue, and we’ll do our best to sort it out.

What if my dog gets into a fight?

This is not a good situation for either your dog, or the kit! Please avoid this, and be aware that you are liable for damage to the kit.

How do we get to see the photos of the walk?

Your walk photos will appear here in the website once they have been through the software sniff selector!

Can I see other peoples’ photos?

Yes, in the spirit of sharing, all photos are published here.

What if I break it?

You are liable for damage to the kit.

What if I lose it?

You are liable for replacement of the kit.

Can I use it twice?

Yes, though other bookings take priority.

The only day I can go is booked out, what can I do?

Please wait for a cancellation, you can be put on a waiting list.

Can I use it on other dogs while I’m having my turn?

This is not recommended, as the issued harness may not fit correctly on other dogs, and the batteries may not have enough charge for a second walk. If the mobile appears to have enough charge and the harness fits, by all means have a go!

It didn’t work- my dog kept his/her head up the whole time, can I have another go?

This is almost impossible, but yes, though other bookings take priority.